A Voyage of Discovery: Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022

Greetings, global citizens!

We’re excited to share a riveting account of the recent Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022 held in Singapore. This prestigious event was graced by the presence of Haaziq Ibrahim, the dynamic co-founder of #DemiLaut, who engaged in enlightening dialogues on “Innovating Evidence-led Policy Making for Youth Entrepreneurship.”

This engaging session was orchestrated by an ensemble of esteemed organizations including UNDP, CITI Foundation, Islamic Development Bank, and Commonwealth Secretariat, with indispensable support from ILO.

The forum brought together distinguished personalities like Mr. Sami Ahmed from Startup Bangladesh Limited; Ms. Woro Srihastuti Sulistyaningrum from Indonesia’s Ministry of National Development Planning; Dr. Mohsen Gul from Strategic Intelligence Hub; and Ms. Panod (Toby) Srinual, Founder of GendersMatter.

Guiding this intellectual symphony was the adept conductor Ms. Cissy Shen from UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub who expertly navigated through insightful discussions about evidence-based policy-making for youth entrepreneurship.

Haaziq passionately articulated #DemiLaut’s commitment to nurturing an ecosystem that sparks innovation and creativity among young entrepreneurs while addressing socio-economic challenges sustainably.

Participants also explored how south-south collaboration could shape regional youth entrepreneurship policies and pondered over potential governance structures for the proposed Strategic Intelligence Hub (SIH).

While significant strides were made at this summit towards empowering young entrepreneurs globally, there is still a journey ahead filled with promise and potential.

To gain deeper insights into these discussions or to get involved in this movement towards sustainable youth entrepreneurship development, we encourage you to download their comprehensive report on the forum. This document captures crucial takeaways from the event along with future action plans inspired by these dialogues.

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