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Uplifting traditional fishers to be inclusive by providing integrated solutions and enabling them to help improve their wellbeing, livelihood and building cooperation to monitor impacts of climate change and overfishing in Malaysia & South East Asia.

the problem

#DemiLaut is addressing the wicked problems. poverty, lack of access to basic gears, facilities, support and knowledge, poverty and competition from commercial ships. The wicked problems manifest in a variety of ways. Those include no application of ICT technologies in their daily lives, being unable to access fiscal support and relying on 3rd party marketing in order to sell their catch. The traditional fishers have also been characterized as lazy and unable to accept changes leading to them being left behind. Solving these issues would reduce the poverty in the traditional fishers communities (SDG 1), create a sustainable and transparent fishing practice for the ocean (SDG 14),  and improve access to opportunities for the fishers (SDG 10).

Traditional Fishers
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#DemiLaut ran a crowdfund campaign supported by the public to lease Hj Idin a Pemukat Noh, an automated net-hauling device. In return, Hj Idin is to commit to helping us in enabling him to practice sustainable fishing and gather information about the ocean.


We at #DemiLaut notice an important challenge within the traditional fisheries where the fish are not handled and stored well during their way back to shore. This would further reduce the value of the fish due to deterioration.

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Cold Chain wicked cycle

Cold chain refers to managing the temperature of perishable products in order to maintain quality and safety from the point of origin through the distribution chain to the final consumer. (From sea to plate!)

Social innovation

Social innovation is interpreted as the change in collective behavior of active actors within an eco-system.

Small-scale fisheries

Artisanal, or small-scale fisheries, are traditional fisheries involving fishing households (as opposed to commercial companies), using relatively small amount of capital and energy, relatively small fishing vessels (if any), making short fishing trips, close to shore, and mainly for local consumption.

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